What’s Love Got To Do With It?

David and I have just returned from doing a presentation to the Gravenhurst Probus Club in the historic Opera House.

After telling the story behind my memoir, Ready to Come About (Dundurn Press), I was asked, “How did you and David manage to get along with all the problems you experienced, and all the time alone in such a small space. If it were me, I likely would have divorced!”

Everyone laughed. But it was a legitimate question. The reality is, a long sailing voyage has an impact on relationships.  Over the course of our year away, we, in fact, witnessed many such heartbreaking parting-of-ways. But, so too did we see couples who embraced the shared adventure. David and I were among the fortunate ones. As a result of spending 86 days alone, together, on the high seas, we grew closer.

Love Sail, an online dating and networking service for those passionate about sailing, invited me to write a blog post on the subject. I called it, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” And my short answer was, “Everything!”

As well as a sailing memoir, Ready to Come About is a love story, my love story.

As an aside, forty-three years ago, David took me to see the play, West Side Story, performed in, guess where, the Gravenhurst Opera House! It was our first big date. Months later we were married!

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